Configuring Scan to Windows PC with Samsung Easy Printer Manager

Why should you install the Samsung easy printer manager? The printer with the latest release comes with various functions. It can no longer be used for printing only. It also comes with scanning and photocopying functions. You can even find a printer that can be used for sending a fax. Various functions in one device should be convenient because there is only one unit to buy and place in the office. However, it can also be a source of confusion. Sometimes you find a problem when scanning, and it is not the kind of convenience that you want from the unit. If you own Samsung Multifunction Printers and connect it to your Windows computer, you must have Samsung easy printer manager scan application.

Scan from Printer to PC

Scanning is way easier with Samsung’s easy printer manager scan application. You are allowed to scan from your Samsung printer to your Windows computer. However, you have to do something with the configuration of the printer first. Fortunately, it is not a hard thing to do since you can utilize Samsung EPM that brings you the convenience you need to manage and organize your device functions. Once the configuration is completed, the scanning process will be super fast and easy.

How to Setup Scan to PC Settings

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How can you scan something using your Samsung printer, but you do not install the latest version of print and scan driver on your PC? Well, you must not forget this crucial step. However, if you do not install it yet, you only need to download it and install it. When buying a printer unit, you cannot find the driver in the package any longer. You have to install and download it. To find the right match, you have to know the model of your printer, of course. Once you install the printer driver, it is super easy to locate Samsung EPM in the taskbar of your Window. You only need to find the icon and click it. Next, you can select the available printer from the Printer List. You can simply click Scan to PC Settings. You can enable scanning from the device panel. Do not forget to save the setting. There will be account information needed for scanning. You need to enter your ID and password. In the Basic tab, you can find several settings to choose for the scanned image. The scan configuration is finished once you click Save. It is super easy to configure scan with Samsung easy printer manager scan application.

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