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Things to Know Before Buying Samsung Printer 

Using a printer made by Samsung may allow you to access the Samsung easy document creator download. Using this driver allows you to get all features provided by the printer. Thus, in this article, we are going to show you things you need to know about printers manufactured under Samsung’s name.

Samsung Printers

Talking about printers, there are a bunch of options you can find on the market. Samsung specifically produced home office printers that would your business while keeping the running cost low. Generally, this company only manufactures a limited range of printers every year – all of them are laser printers. According to several tests we’ve run to find the best value printers, Samsung has several to offer.

In 2016, HP acquired the printer business of Samsung by making a USD 1 billion deal. It means that besides the laptop market, Samsung also quits the printer market since 2017. However, it remains unclear that the brand will stick to Samsung or will use HP’s name.

More than anything, you will find good laser printers produced by Samsung after all – you need to download its easy printer app too to unlock all the magnificent features offered. In this article, we have a lot of things you need to know about picking the best laser printer as well as why you have to buy Samsung printers.

Why Should You Buy a Samsung Laser Printer?

Whether you are running a small business from home or simply doing a project that requires tons of printed documents, you need to consider Samsung laser printers as your working partner.  You may think that Samsung is too “stranger” to be in printer lines. Also, this is not one of the popular brands among computer users.

However, this would be a good investment especially if you are looking for a laser printer with excellent performance. Checking from the price, the printer is quite affordable compared to other laser printers on the market. As has been mentioned earlier, Samsung produces a limited range of printers. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have options.

Several options are available to pick which you can adjust with your budget. You can download the Samsung Easy software to navigate the entire features of the printer. Running a small business or working in a home office won’t be an issue anymore since the printer will be a perfect duet partner. Some printer units are coming with the Energy Star. It means that printers use less electricity.

If you are up for a printer that uses less electricity than you must go with Samsung laser printers. Downloading the Samsung Easy Document Scanner allows you to scan any document easily.

Samsung Easy Document Creator

When you use a Samsung printer, you will need to find the link of Samsung easy document creator download. This is an app that allows users to access the features of Samsung easy printer – you can scan and compile as well as save various types of documents. Later, the documents can be shared through social networking sites or over fax. This app will help you to finish your job easier by using a Samsung printer.

Support for Windows 10/8,1/8/7/Vista — XP
Publish: 03.08.2018
Language: English
Version: 2.02.53
Size:17.8 MB

MacOS X 10.13 — 10.6
Publish: 03.08.2018
Language: English
Version: 1.00.26
Size: 17.8 MB

This app is only available for Windows and you can check the Samsung scan assistant Mac if you use Mac OS. The software is automatically installed after you install the printer’s driver on your computer. On the other hand, your Windows version should be at least Windows 7. Installing the app allows you to enjoy several features – depending on your printer and OS. But generally, you can operate the scanner to scan documents and images.

All documents can be simply converted to texts if you are a Windows user. The flatbed scanner can be used for scanning books and uploading the scanned images quickly by using the SNS Upload feature. Other than the Samsung easy scanner, the app also allows you to convert documents into an e-book. Faxing from the Microsoft Office program is also easier by using the Plug-in feature.

Samsung Multifunction Xpress M2885FW

One of the best laser printers manufactured by Samsung is the Samsung Xpress M2885FW. If you are looking for a black-and-white laser printer, this one offers a promising performance. It provides an excellent output quality compared to other printers in the same class. You would love this printer for its ability to print, scan, copy, and fax documents. Whether you are using the printer for a personal matter or small office settings, you will never go wrong with your choice.

It is a duplex printer, which is essential for office settings. The printer supports network connectivity which makes printing from various devices much easier and seamless. However, the price is higher than other similar printers from different brands. Also, there are no additional options when it comes to paper handling matters.

You are lucky because the driver is easy to find online. If you are using the older version, you may need to find the Samsung m267x 287x series printer driver in the first place – which is harder to find right now.

Inkjet Printers by HP

As a company that has acquired Samsung, we should check the inkjet printer HP price as well as a quick review of each.

HP Envy Photo 7855

We have the Envy Photo 7885 on the first row. This color inkjet printer allows you to print, scan, copy and fax your document easily. For around USD 230, you can bring home this impressive printer. It comes with a low price point and excellent network connectivity options. However, the design is quite impractical while the ink cartridge is combined.

HP Envy 5030

The next HP inkjet printer is the Envy 5030. This printer is also suitable for home office settings. It comes with an affordable price but there is no faxing option. This printer comes with a touchscreen interface and has supported network connectivity. However, the paper tray is small and the cartridges are expensive. The printing speed is also slow. Going with Samsung laser printers can be a good investment. But make sure you have the link of the Samsung easy document creator download too.