Samsung Scanner

How to use Samsung Scan Software

Samsung scan software is a software device created by Samsung to help its users make changes to the results of documents or images that are scanned or set various regulations that are made for later scanned documents such as paper size, format, and various other settings.

If you often scan using a Samsung device, do you use it often? Or maybe you often ignore it because you don’t understand how to use it? If so, then you can use the software by following the methods below later.

But before that, of course, you must have this software. If you don’t have it already, you can download it directly on the official website. Apart from that, you will also be able to find Samsung driver downloads too here.

How to use Samsung scan software

  1. Open the software with the name Easy Printer Manager
  2. After that, select the Scan option. This option can help you to use various tools that you use to scan your documents later. However, if you don’t want to be busy and fast, you can choose the Quick Scan option later.
  3. When you want to do a scan, you can later choose a form for later scanning. Here, you can find several size options such as
  4. Image Scanning
  5. Document Scanning
  6. Book Scanning
  7. Text Converting
  8. After confirming which option that you need, you will be taken to a page that matches the scan form you just selected. Then select the paper size in the Size option. Choose according to your needs such as Letter, A4, or Statement.
  9. Select Resolution for the document that you want to print so that it can be read enough later. The default resolution size is 300 dpi. This later you can adjust here according to your needs later.
  10. If you want to adjust more settings to create better scan results, then you can use the More Options option. Some things that you can find here are like
  11. Auto Exposure
  12. Auto Color Balance
  13. Auto Straighten
  14. Auto Rotation
  15. Background Removal
  16. Before completing the scanned document editing process, you can adjust the format of the document to your needs later. Select File Format, you will be able to adjust it to formats such as JPG, PDF, or PNG for example.

Well, those are some ways to use Samsung scan software that you can follow later. By reading it, hopefully, you can be more proficient and creative as often as possible to be able to create excellent scan results later.