Samsung Easy Document Creator Helps You Manage Your Digital Documents Conveniently

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Samsung Easy Document Creator allows you to tackle the problems of managing digital documents conveniently using a user-friendly program that is free and easily available.

There is a clear reason why a program like this would be helpful for you. The ubiquity of smart devices and the current trend of teleworking and telelearning, which become even more necessary due to the pandemics, require everyone to be able to manage their documents digitally. Fewer people nowadays exchange documents among themselves in paper form. Documents in certain digital formats are more preferable because they are easier to carry, to share, and to rework collaboratively.

Samsung Easy Document Creator

If the current situations require you to use digital documents, try Samsung Easy Document Creator download. This application gives you all the necessary tools to manage your digital documents. With this Samsung easy tool, converting paper documents to digital ones and then storing them on the cloud to make them accessible to your colleagues, students, and teachers is an easy and free task. It is easy because of the simplicity of the application’s interface and it is cheap because you can download and install it for free.

What can you do with this application? Here are several useful functions that this document management application offers.

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Document Scanning

The most straightforward way to digitize paper documents is by scanning them. It is indeed a no-brainer task that you can do easily without using a third-party program; however, with this application, you can share it directly on the cloud with fellow Samsung users. Besides, this program also supports OCR, which effectively translates the scanned texts into digitally readable texts. While most scanning apps are free, their OCR function is mostly not, so having a free OCR addon in this Samsung application is great to ensure the readability of your documents, both in their paper and digital forms.

Document Conversion

Numerous digital document formats are popular nowadays. While most devices and systems generally support opening documents with universal formats like TXT and PDF, more specific formats for specific systems are often more preferred. You may need to convert your documents into something that you can edit using word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word and Docs, or into epub files that can be read conveniently using your Kindle device or any other supporting devices. Samsung Easy Document Creator is a handy application to do this conversion job easily and quickly.

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