Samsung Printer Drivers

Samsung Easy Printer Allows Efficient Management of Your Printers

With Samsung Easy Printer, you can manage all of your printers from a central application to achieve better, more efficient, and more error-proof printer management. Every printer model provides you with a driver to allow communication between your device and the printer and a companion application that allows you to adjust the printer’s settings and to check its operational status and condition. While relying on the OEM app is enough to ensure the operability of your printer, a problem might arise if you have multiple printers connected to your machine. Conflicts may occur if you keep the management of your printers decentralized.

Why Should You Centralize Your Printer Management?

Using multiple printers is a common scenario in many workplaces. If you are at home, you may need to connect your computer to a photo inkjet printer and a laser printer so that you can use them alternately. If you are in the workplace, you may share one or more network printers with your colleagues. When you try to print a document or an image, you can choose the printer that you want to use using the dropdown list on the Print dialog box; however, printer maintenance and settings for all of your printers can hardly be done using this dialog box. You need to use each printer’s built-in application to do such jobs.

Samsung Easy Printer simplifies the management of multiple printers by centralizing it. Using this application, you can switch between printers, adjust their settings, and even order supplies conveniently and efficiently using one application. This application supports most printer models available today, though there is also a possibility that your printer might not be supported. Because you can manage all of your printers, including network ones, from one place, you can monitor their operation and condition more efficiently. This application supports both basic and advanced printer configuration, so it should be quite easy to use by both beginners and advanced printer users.

Enjoy Integration with Other Samsung Applications.

If you have just done Samsung Easy Document Creator download to digitize your paper documents and to manage them on the cloud, having the Easy Printer software is great because you can now integrate the operations of your document creator software with it. If you want to print a specific document that you store on Samsung’s cloud storage service, you can use Samsung Easy Printer software to conveniently choose your preferred printer and transform your digital documents back into paper documents.

Download Samsung Easy Document Creator

Support for Windows 10/8,1/8/7/Vista — XP
Publish: 03.08.2018
Language: English
Version: 2.02.53
Size:17.8 MB

MacOS X 10.13 — 10.6
Publish: 03.08.2018
Language: English
Version: 1.00.26
Size: 17.8 MB

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