Samsung Laser Printer Wifi

The laser printer samsung is the perfect printer for printing documents, as well as copy and scan. When we talk about long-term use, laser printers are very reliable. For home use, laser printers may not be the right choice, but for office and business use, laser printers are a perfect choice.

In the development era of modernity and highly advanced tools competition, Samsung laser printer wifi comes in to meet the user’s need for laser printer use. This is included a wireless printer and is available with WiFi support that will allow you to print, scan, or share documents over the Internet.

how do i install samsung printer drivers

How to use the WiFi?

There are several types to connect Samsung laser printer wifi.

Easy Printer Manager Menu

First, if you want to connect with USB, you can use the Easy Printer Manager by switching to Advanced Mode. Then, select your printer device based on your own and click Device Settings. Click Network Settings to turn the WiFi Direct on and fill the blank place.

Choose your activated printer’s name in Device Name, then enter the IP address of the printer you have. The local one is Group Owner is used as the wireless access point, while the Network Password is used to secure the WiFi so only certain people can connect through it. Click Save when you’re ready.

SyncThru Web Service

Then you can use the SyncThru Web Service to connect with a network, either wired or wireless. You need to enter the printer’s IP address using the browser and click Login. In the Settings tab, select the Network Settings. Click the WiFi Direct under the Wireless and please enable it. Like usual, enter the Device Name, IP Address, Group Owner, and Network Password. When you’re finished, click Apply.

By enabling the WiFi Direct, it means that you need to download and use the Samsung Mobile Print App.

Print Panel 

Next, you can use the printer panel by using an LCD display. Turn on the printer and press the menu button. Select the Network, Wireless, and WIFI direct. Then, adjust the WiFi Direct to either enable or disable, Deice Name, IP Address, Group Owner, Network Key (password), and Status (to check the connected device). After you enable the WiFi Direct this goes the same as before, you need to download and use the Samsung Mobile App.

Activate the Samsung Mobile Print App so you can print, scan, or fax the documents you need by using the compatible Samsung Laser Printer WiFi.

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