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Things to Know about the Built-In Windows Printer Manager

Things to Know about the Built-In Windows Printer Manager –  A printer is common hardware connected to either a laptop or a computer that will need to be managed well by using printer management software such as the Windows printer manager. The mentioned software is available on computers or laptops with Windows Operating System in them. The software is built-in software that does not need additional installation for it to be ready to use for printer management.

So, what is it about the printer manager Windows 10 and any other Windows?

It is known as a Microsoft Management Console snap-in that can be found in all Windows versions except the Home versions. Within the Home versions of the Windows Operating System, there will not be this menu. It is replaced by a simpler interface of Devices and Printers menu under the Control Panel section. The printer management is connected to Windows Server as well for broader printer management.

It may not be totally popular software or application to use but it has its best use for some people. Those who should make use of this Windows MMC include Print Administrators, IT planners, IT designers, Help Desk professionals, and some early adopters as well. It is very simple to use but it may not be that familiar to use for average users. Therefore most people will stick to the printer management software provided by the printer manufacturer alongside the printer driver.

Windows printer manager is beneficial in a way that it can do a set of steps in just fewer steps for a lot of computers at once. Think of users who set up the use of a printer in a computer alone. With the fact that there are 10 computers in need of printer setup, it will take a lot of time to complete it by setting it up one by one. Therefore the use of this software is beneficial since it is possible to set it up just in the server computer and the effect will be on all of the connected computers.

A single end-user of a home-use printer may not feel the benefit of using his software. It is best used in a large scope where several computers are connected to a network with at least a printer to use there as well. In the end, it remains a pretty good idea to get to know about the use of Windows printer manager as well even just to do printing at home.