Easy Way to Install Samsung M267x 287x Series Drivers


The Samsung m267x 287x series is one type of printer as well as a scan produced by Samsung. Although not very popular, this printer and scan device is quite attractive to some users. This is because the shape is not that big but with its multifunctionality.

This printer series model is also available in two models, namely for 32 bit and 64 bit. However, if seen, users of 64-bit devices use this device more than users of 32-bit devices. This can be seen on a driver software download site that has data on the number of users who have downloaded it.

Easy Way to Install samsung driver

Easy Way to Install Samsung

So, if you plan to install this device driver on your device, there are several ways you can do it later, namely by offline and online. Below we will discuss how to install Samsung m267x 287x series drivers both online and offline.

Offline installation

An offline installation is often an option for some people if they don’t have a reliable or stable internet connection. Also, those who have limited data plan quotas often make the offline installation option for them to do.

The way to do this offline installation is by using the installer CD provided when purchasing the printer at the same time. So, if you want to do it, try asking the admin if the printer belongs to your office, or your friends if the printer belongs to your friend personally.


Online installation

Even though there are still many users who use the offline installation option until now many also think that online installation is the best and easiest way. This is of course because we do not need to be bothered with the installation manual that appears on the screen of our device later.

Online, we only need to download the installer program, then permit it to do the installation automatically. After that, we just need to wait until the installation process is complete.

You can download the Samsung easy document creator download program and the installer program on the official Samsung website, of course. If you can’t find it, you can also find it on websites to download third-party programs that are easier to find, like PC Matic for example.


Bai installed the Samsung m267x 287x series offline or online, no problem at all. Everything returns to your taste as well as your needs, of course. If possible, choose the method that you think is the simplest and most efficient later.