How to Connect Make a Samsung Printer Connection to Your Device

How to Connect Make a Samsung Printer Connection to Your Device – The process of installing a printer on a device is certainly a problem for some people, especially those not accustomed to doing activities like this in their daily lives. If observed, this kind of activity is very simple and can be done independently.

Especially with laser printer Samsung, which are the latest and most modern printer products. In addition to its very easy to use, installation on a device is also actually very easy than installing other printers to the device.

Samsung Printer Connection

No need to worry, in this article, you will be helped by explaining how to install a Samsung printer connection for your device.

2 ways to make a Samsung printer connection

Previously, this explanation will explain how to install it on 2 different devices. Namely on smartphones and PCs or laptops and wirelessly.

How to make a Samsung printer connection to a smartphone

Nowadays most people start working on their documents on a smartphone if they are on their way or are not in front of a PC or laptop in their workspace. Of course, this is very helpful for them in maintaining their productivity.

Furthermore, the way to make a Samsung printer connection on a smartphone is that you must have the application first. For example, on Android, you need an application called Google Cloud Print. If so, you simply select the worksheet you want to print by holding the file for a long time, then select print, and select the Samsung printer that is connected to the same wifi network as your smartphone

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How to make a Samsung connection to a PC or laptop

Printers are indeed more often used in conjunction with a PC or laptop because most people, including you, will probably store various data and work documents in here for sure. Now the way to connect it is very easy, which is as follows.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Then select the Device option
  3. After that select the Printer section
  4. Select the option to Add Printer
  5. Wait a few moments until the system automatically detects the Samsung printer that you want to connect.
  6. When you find it, click on the name and wait a few moments. This often takes a few minutes, so please be patient and this is a natural process
  7. When finished, you are ready to use your printer

How, is it easy to create a Samsung printer connection? If you take a little time to read this tutorial and try it for yourself, then you can certainly do it yourself later.

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