Replacing Toner for HP Laserjet 200


Do you know how to replace the toner for HP Laserjet 200? This printer is very good for a personal printer. However, replacing the toner of a laserjet printer can be tricky. Here is why you should get it and how to replace its toner.

Why Choose HP Laserjet 200

While laserjet printers are usually more expensive than inkjet ones, they are also more efficient and faster. The printing quality is also better as laser toner is more accurate than inkjet. Not only that but toners actually last longer than ink cartridges. Because you don’t have to replace the toner cartridge too often, you save up in the long run.

HP Laserjet 200 is a good choice if you want a laser printer for personal use. It’s not too big size-wise, nor is it expensive. It is able to handle 150 sheets of paper, which is a decent amount for a home printer.

The printer offers high-quality color printing for both text and graphics. You also have the option to print directly from a USB connection or using Wireless Direct, an equivalent of the Wi-Fi Direct of laser printer Samsung. With Wireless Direct, you can conveniently print from PC, smartphones, and tablets easily wherever you are.

Replacing Toner for HP Laserjet 200

The toner cartridge of laser printers generally lasts longer than ink cartridges. However, replacing the toner of a laserjet printer can be tricky. Here is what you have to do to ensure you can do it properly.


First, open the front door and take out the toner cartridge drawer by grabbing the handle and pulling the cartridge straight up.

Gently shake the new toner cartridge so that the toner is evenly distributed through the cartridge. Then, remove the plastic shield from the bottom of the new cartridge. Make sure that you do not touch the imaging drum on the bottom because it can disrupt the printing quality.

Insert the new toner cartridge into the printer. Pull the tab on the left side of the cartridge to remove the sealing tape. Close the cartridge drawer and the front door.

Do not throw your old toner cartridge away. Put it along with the plastic shield in the box for the new cartridge. There are recycling instructions in the box that you can follow.

Now you have replaced the toner for HP Laserjet 200 and the printer is ready to use.