How to Scan Multiple Pages to One File with Samsung Easy PrinterManager

The printing and scanning process is getting much easier time after time. Nowadays, we can find the support to make convenient printing and scanning experience, such as with the Samsung easy printer manager (EPM). Of course, it will be a great help for managing Samsung printer and scanner. You might have a big question about the good thing that can be offered by Samsung EPM that makes you have to consider the Samsung easy printer manager scan application download. You will be delighted that by using Samsung EPM, you can scan multiple pages to one file.

Fast and Easy

We can look back to the past when scanning needs a lot of processes. You might need to buy a scanner device that can be used for scanning documents, for instance. Nowadays, it is super easy to find a scanner that is united with a printer. It means that they do not have to buy different devices for doing various things, including printing, scanning, and even copying. This is an ultimate office device that will be loved the most, especially when you do not have too much space and even budget for all devices that can support those different functions. Now, with Samsung EPM, you can save your time and energy for scanning multiple pages and make it into one file. By simply trying the Samsung easy printer manager scan application download, you can skip the process for using different software for making the scanned file into one.

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How to

It is quite easy to scan multiple pages to one file. You only need to follow the steps below to make everything simpler and faster. The very first thing to do is to make sure the Samsung easy printer manager scan application download. You have to download and install the latest version of the print and scan driver. Besides the Samsung EPM, you will also need the Easy Document Creator for executing this task. After installing the drivers, the real process can be started by opening the Samsung Printer Manager. You have to choose a printer before you can go to Quick Links to choose the scan link. You can click the scan, but you will find that different steps must be taken for different scan types. From the options, you can choose ADF and PDF or multiple page TIFF options. The scanned document can be saved to a certain location or folder. You can choose to save or do not save the file on the targeted location before clicking the exit button.

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