Setting Up Wi-Fi Direct for Your Samsung Laser Printer Wireless

Whether you need a compact all-in-one or a high-end machine for your office, Samsung Laser Printer Wireless is a great choice for anyone. Here is why you should get a wireless laser printer from Samsung and how to set it up.

Why Get Laser Printer Samsung

Laser printers are generally more expensive than an inkjet printer. However, there are good reasons to get them.

Laser printers can print more quickly and accurately than inkjet printers. The toner powder of laser printers is cheap and can be used for a long time, while ink cartridges tend to run out quickly. So, they’re less expensive overall.

The accuracy and efficiency of laser printers make them a favourite in the office. However, as laser printers become cheaper with technological advancements, all-in-one laser printers are also becoming popular.

Not only that but wireless printers are the trend now. They aren’t only more convenient and space-efficient. Samsung wireless laser printers also have mobile and cloud printing features that allow you to print from anywhere.

Setting Up Your Samsung Laser Printer Wireless Wi-Fi Direct

  1. When connected with USB

Open Easy Printer Manager, then switch to Advanced Mode. Select your printer and click Device Settings, then open the Network Settings tab.

Turn Wi-Fi Direct on and enter the printer’s name and IP address, group owner, and network password. Save the changes.

  1. When connected to a network
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First, input the printer’s IP address. You’ll be redirected to the SyncThru web service page, where you have to log in. The default user id is admin and the password is sec00000.

Click Settings then select Network Settings. Under Wireless, click Wi-Fi Direct and enable. Input the printer’s name, IP address, group owner, and network password, then save the changes.

  1. Using printer panel

Turn on the printer and press Menu. Use the arrows to select Network and press OK. Select Wireless then Wi-Fi Direct.

Enable Wi-Fi Direct and input the printer’s name and IP address, group owner, and network password. You will also see Status which indicates the number of devices connected. Finally, save the changes.

Printing from Your Phone

After you turn on Wi-Fi Direct, you can print from your mobile device using the Samsung Mobile Print application. It is available for Android and iOS phones, as well as tablet PCs. Now you’re able to print photos and documents directly from your smartphone or tablet to Samsung Laser Printer Wireless.

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