Steps on How to Use a Samsung Printer


Do you want to buy a Samsung printer? When you want to purchase it, it is great to know the ways of operating it. You have to master the ways on how to use a Samsung printer so that you can use it correctly anytime you want. These are some ways of using a Samsung printer.

Downloading Application and Printer Connection 

To use a Samsung printer, it possibly requires the use of an easy printer manager. To start using this printer, you should make sure that the printer is supporting personal computers, laptops, or cellular printing systems. It is working for Samsung Mobile Print. You have to select the supported printer.

Configuring USB Connection 

For a USB connection, you should connect a USB cable to the printer. Then, install a printer driver and add or share a printer to a personal computer. This must be conducted before you download an application. For a network connection, connect a network cable. Make sure that the printer is configurated to print through network connections. Those include a printing server, mutual network, or wi-fi. Then, you print trial pages. Download a Samsung Mobile Print application for android. You add it to the printer list. Then, connect to USB.

Opening Samsung Mobile Print 

The next step on how to use a Samsung printer is opening a Samsung mobile print. You can select an option to add your device manually. You can choose SMB to be a kind of connection, type the IP address of the printer, and select a user account. Make sure that the USB cable connected and click Search to find and add a Samsung Printer.

Then, print a trial page or document. You should check the connection of the network before publishing it. If you use a network connection, make sure that the printer and telephone connected to the same network with the same router. Click an option of devices or change a choice of the existed printer. Click an icon of Add. You should choose RAW to be a type of connection, type the IP address, and keep the number.


Clicking Search to Find and Add a Printer 

You should click Search to find and add a Samsung printer. You can print, scan, or fax using a Samsung printer. You can also use an application of Samsung Mobile Print if you use it for your android.

Printing with Samsung Mobile Print 

Finally, you should check the size of the documents before you print them. Make sure that the ink is enough to write all your documents. The ways on how to use a Samsung printer is straightforward to do. You can use it easily.